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Store your DSLR, mirrorless or compact camera in the ready position, at your side with the black Wanderer Side Holster from Cotton Carrier. Part of the Excursion Series, the holster has a 3.0″ rear belt-loop for easy attachment to a user-supplied belt or strap. Behind the belt is an interlocking, touch-fastening strap for attaching to larger items such as the waist belt on a backpack. Although capable of carrying longer and heavier lenses, the longest recommended lens is a 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom. This holster is suitable for most varieties of photographic endeavor, such as hiking, covering sporting events, and similar shooting scenarios that might be described as light to medium activity. The shoulder strap has a sliding D-ring, safety tether strap, which allows your camera to travel up and down its length. The tether also serves as a safety backup for the remote possibility of accidental camera and mount separation. The tether attaches to the included split ring installed on your camera’s strap lug with a swiveling snap-hook. The camera hub screws into the base of your camera’s tripod socket with the supplied Allen Key. The back of the hub has a 0.25″ threaded opening for mounting a tripod or quick-release plate without having to remove the hub from your camera. The hub’s rubber washer is compressed during installation to help prevent unwanted loosening. Cotton Carrier recommends the use of a minute amount of LocTite as an added precaution. Always inspect your camera hub and receptacle for debris or wear that might negatively affect its performance.

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